Toilet Sanitiser’s

Using the right Toilet Sanitiser

Most customers I meet are amazed when I tell them that almost all toilet sanitisers should be banned and taken off the shelf.  Don’t use in cistern products. The in cistern blue dyes and tablets corrode the inside of the toilet cisterns, majorly damaging the sensitive and expensive valves that are within the cistern meaning your toilet won’t last long between services. All of the toilet cisterns I have installed state in their user manuals that use of in cistern sanitisers should not be used and that doing so will void your warranty.  Often you will also find a sticker inside the cistern alerting you to this.



Don’t use clip on toilet bowl sanitisers. As often as a plumber regrets biting his fingernails these little suckers snap off, and block your toilet line. Normally when this happens the toilet must be removed, so that the line can be accessed from upstream. Often when the toilet has been cemented in, removing the toilet will cause it to break, meaning you will also be up for a new toilet which could make the total invoice more than $750.


Water Tight Canberra, and most the other plumbers in Canberra that I know, recommend using Duck Fresh Disks when it comes to keeping your toilet fresh and germ free. These discs stick to the side of the bowl and won’t perish any rubbers or valves, or block your toilet.

Google Reviews

  • Eleanor Kay

    A really positive experience from beginning to end. Everything about the Water Tight team was great, from Joseph's friendly and helpful manner on the phone through to Sam's great job on site. I highly recommend these plumbers - they came when they said they would, ensured I clearly understood what the problem was and what the options were to fix it, and were very affordable as well. Definitely my plumbers of choice in the future!

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  • Maurice Austin

    I honestly don't know where to begin. I rang late on a winter's day with a blocked toilet, and Tom arrived 15 minutes later. He was friendly, courteous and professional, and very quickly located where he thought the problem was. It was late in the day and he decided to book one of his team for the next day. Sam rang early the next morning and again turned up withing ten minutes. Equally courteous and professional. He and Tom worked out the best approach and Sam then proceeded to fix it. Both Tom and Sam explained things like they were talking to an informed layman, not an idiot: including what the likely problem was, the eventual ACTUAL problem and how they solved it. And all at a very reasonable cost. Very reasonable. You honestly don't GET this kind of professionalism any more...except you do. Apart from this review, I'm telling everyone I know :-)

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  • Geoff Campbell

    Excellent work, customer service, and price. Had two plumbers from Water Tight, Andrew and Sam, come to do some minor work on different days. Both of them were friendly, efficient, and happy to walk me through what they were doing.

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  • Rowan Fraser

    I was very happy with the service Water Tight provided in relation to servicing two toilets. Tom responded to my query quickly and arranged for a plumber to come on the day I requested. Andrew was thoroughly professional and did an excellent job in replacing the broken components. I will definitely use Water Tight again.

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  • Brooke Yates

    These guys were great! They came out on a Sunday and instead of just plowing ahead with the work and charging us a fortune, they recommended we wait until Monday and gave us solutions on how to manage our leak issue in the interim. They looked for and delivered the most cost-effective solution to the problem rather than just wrack up the costs. they were prompt, clean and a pleasure to deal with. we will now use water tight for all our future plumbing needs.

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