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Water Tight Canberra are excited to introduce Canberra Pipe Relining.

Canberra Pipe Relining is a sister business to Water Tight Canberra that focuses on one of our specialties, Pipe and Drain Relining in Canberra.

What is Drain Relining / Pipe Relining in Canberra?

Pipe relining is a permanent repair to your sewer and stormwater drainage pipe system without the need for excavation or disturbance of the ground that is above the pipework.

Pipe relining is a relatively new technology (in terms of sewage systems which date back to 800 BC) and offers a permanent repair to pipes without the need for excavation.

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Benefits of Drain/Pipe Relining in Canberra

Faster Installation – Relining a drain is generally installed in a much faster time frame than excavation repairs. Where excavation and drain replacement can take day’s or weeks, drain relining can be done in a much faster timeframe allowing you to use your plumbing earlier and get on with your life

Cost – Pending on your pipes location, drain relining can be significantly cheaper than the cost of excavation repairs, especially where restoration costs are high such as when the pipe is located below your home’s concrete floor, under a driveway or under a well landscaped backyard.

Safer – Pipe Relining is Safer than Excavation drain replacements. There is no or minimal chance of a trench collapse, hitting buried services (electrical, fibre, gas, etc), or children/animals finding their way and falling into a hole.

Less stress for the homeowner – Excavation repairs can be drawn out and stressful. If your garden is left in a dusty mess or you are without a bathroom for several weeks your todo list will go through the roof. Find new short term accommodation, organise a builder for bathroom repairs, restore garden or engage a landscaper and so on and so on.

Why engage a specialist for Drain Relining in Canberra

Pipe/Drain Relining is Generally installed by a specialist due to complications with a failed liner installations and the extensive equipment cost that good quality drain relining requires.

Companies that are not focusing on this on a regular basis will likely not have equipment, tools and knowledge to complete your relining job in a compliant way with a high quality finish, guaranteed long lasting finish.

All drain relining products used in a sewer pipe must hold an Australian Water Mark approval. This is the legal minimum standard in product quality required and a vital question that you should ask your pipe relining installer.

Water Tight Canberra / Canberra Pipe Relining Installers have completed training at the two best relining schools in Australia including APS in Sydney and Pipecore in Melbourne. This training along with installing 100’s of meters of drain liner around the Canberra region has given our team a unique and specialist ability here in Canberra.

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Why have we chosen to Banner our Relining under Canberra Pipe Relining, a new business name when Water Tight Canberra has won National Telstra Business awards along with several others?

More than 50% of our drain relining comes from working with other plumbing companies across the ACT region either through direct referrals or working on behalf of them as a contractor. Canberra Pipe Relining was created so that we had specialist branding that would not compromise our plumbing business customers.

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What type of Canberra drains can we Reline?

As we have mentioned, Drain Relining is complex and specialising is a must. We have specialists specifically in relining pipes between 70mm and 150mm, including the most common residential drain size, 100mm.

By limiting our expertise to this field, we focus 100% of our education and asset/equipment purchases to being the best for Residential and Strata Drainage Systems. We do not reline drains greater than 150mm, however, if you require a referral for this work please contact us and we will be happy to make a recommendation.

Type’s of Canberra Pipe Relining We Offer

Inversion Relining

Inversion Relining

Inversion drain relining offers a near perfect finish every time.

With this method of pipe relining we invert a new drain through your existing sewer pipe in a single continuous run without joints. We can invert up to 75m in a single continues run. Inversion relining is generally inverted into the drain and then the resin is heated with circulated hot water to accelerate the curing process.

You could use Inversion Lining for runs between 3m and 75m

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Packer – Best form of patch repairs, 1m to 2m

Packers are ideal for small sections of damage pipes or for sections where inversion access is not available. Packers can be joined together and are installed using extremely high pressure. Inversion lines can be joined together to create a continues new pipe inside your old drain.

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Junction Liners

Junction Liners, you guessed it, reline junctions and branch lines giving you an ideal finish where the junction is the part of the sewer system that is failing.

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Pull in Place Drain Liners

Pull in place is a method of drain relining where a section of drain liner is pulled into place and then inflated at far lower pressures than Packer liners.

This method is not ideal around bends, jump ups or through junctions and is generally a last resort method of drain relining. That said, when it is the only remaining method available, it can be a great asset to your home.

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