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ACTSmart Business Recycling Accredited Recycler 2020

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Here at Water Tight Canberra, we care for the environment and believe as a business we have a responsibility to reduce our footprint by reducing the waste we create and by taking all reasonable steps to recycle what waste we do create. This business ethos has allowed us to become the first, and at the time of writing this the only, ACT Canberra Plumbing business that is an Accredited ACTSmart Business Recycler.

At Water Tight Canberra, we separate waste for recycling into more than 10 categories, including – Cardboard and Paper, Copper, Brass, Steel, lead and low-value metals, Brick and Concrete, Clean fill, Paints and chemicals, yellow bin mixed, and general waste.

Most people think that adding recycling into a business must increase there overhead costs, however, we have found exactly the opposite to be the truth. The additional costs we incur in both tradesman’s labour in time training them on the different recycling requirements and time spent separating the waste is easily offset by the reduction in our waste disposal fee’s.

We encourage all business owners to take the challenge of 0 waste. Whilst we are not there yet, we have managed to reduce our non-recyclable waste down to just 20% of our waste and we will commit to reducing this down even further.

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