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Water Tight Canberra Gives Back: Our Commitment to the Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program

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At Water Tight Canberra, we take pride in not only offering exceptional plumbing services to our customers but also in giving back to our community. We are proud to be members of the ACT Master Plumbers Association and active participants in their Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program. This program is designed to provide essential plumbing work for those in financial hardship, making our services accessible to everyone in need.

Supporting Our Community Through Pro Bono Plumbing Services

The Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program is a wonderful initiative by the ACT Master Plumbers Association. It brings together plumbing professionals who volunteer their time and skills to help members of our community who may not be able to afford essential plumbing work due to financial constraints or hardship. At Water Tight Canberra, we are honoured to be one of the volunteer businesses for this program, and we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our neighbours.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Care Financial Counseling Service

To ensure that those in need receive the support they deserve, applicants for the Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program are assessed through Care Financial Counseling Service. If you or someone you know is struggling financially and requires essential plumbing work, visit the Care website at carefcs.org to submit an application. Care will evaluate each applicant’s situation and, if deemed suitable, register them for the pro bono plumbing work with the Master Plumbers Association. A volunteer member will then be assigned to provide the necessary plumbing services.

Support Local Plumbers Who Give Back

We understand that not everyone may qualify for the Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program, but we encourage you to support plumbers who actively participate in it. If you’re fortunate enough to not require these free community plumbing services, consider hiring a plumber who contributes to this wonderful initiative.

Of course, we’d be grateful if you chose to work with Water Tight Canberra for your plumbing needs. But, if you’d like to explore other options, we encourage you to contact the ACT Master Plumbers Association and ask for a recommendation for a business that provides services to the Care pro bono program. By doing so, you’ll be indirectly supporting those in need and helping to build a stronger, more caring community for all.


At Water Tight Canberra, we are dedicated to using our skills and expertise to improve the lives of our fellow community members. We believe that everyone deserves access to essential plumbing services, regardless of their financial situation. By participating in the Free Essential Plumbing Maintenance Program, we hope to create a positive impact on the lives of those in need while also fostering a sense of camaraderie among our fellow plumbers.

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