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Water Hammer


Once locating the source of water hammer, it is quick and easy to fix.  From my experience, 90% of the time water hammer is caused by a tap washer that has come loose and is vibrating in the pipe. It is amazing how the sound will travel through the pipes which can often throw people off the location and the source of the problem. If this is the case, we simply service the affected taps, and the problem goes away. 


Other causes can be: 

  • High water pressure
  • Any constantly open tap – ie. a washing machine tap, dishwasher tap, irrigation tap, hot water service tap, toilet mini cistern taps
  • Loose pipe work
  • Faulty toilet inlet valves
  • Flick mixer lever taps

Generally speaking we will spend between 30 to 60 minutes investigating the source of the water hammer and if we are unable to locate it we will then install water hammer arresters in strategic locations.


Water hammer is not something that you have to just put up with!


Call us or book online to save 10% off the service call fee and have it fixed today!

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