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Water Tight Canberra team donates plasma

the Water Tight Canberra team at the Australian Red Cross

Last Friday, the gang went to Red Cross to donate some plasma. They’ve been donating blood every year but this is the first time they’ve donated plasma. No tears “fell” that day, but some of these eyes did get wet. We’re not gonna tell who, you’re just gonna have to guess.

On a more important note though, we recommend anyone who’s able to donate, please do so. The blood/plasma you donate today might just save your neighbour. Don’t hesitate to contribute to the Canberra community. 

You can visit the Australian Red Cross website for more information: https://www.redcross.org.au/

If you’re a group and you want to speak with someone from Red Cross to schedule group donations just call the number below:

1300 886 524

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