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Your Water Tight Canberra – Certificate of Guarantee

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Water Tight Canberra

All work completed by Water Tight Canberra is protected by our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. In the rare case that repairs carried out by Water Tight Canberra are not 100% satisfactory, we will send out a plumber to investigate and complete remedial repairs.
Material and appliance guarantees are as per the manufacturers.

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ACT Master Plumbers – Code of Conduct

As proud members of the ACT Master Plumbers Association we are bound by there honest and reputable Code of Conduct and guarentee to live up to this high standard.

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Access Canberra for ACT and Department of Fair Trading for NSW

Plumbers, Drainers and Gasfitting companies and tradesman in Australia are legally required to hold a trade license in each state that they work in. Water Tight Canberra hold a Company License in both ACT and NSW which means you are guaranteed that the work we complete will be done to the highest Australian Standards.
We are also governed and work by the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004
ACT Lic# 2017441
NSW Lic# 310286C
For Reference, Access Canberra 13 22 81, Department of Fair Trading NSW 13 32 20

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Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Consumer Law creates and enforces guarantees which automatically protect all Australian Consumers to a standard that we expect. All of these guarantees are applied to all work completed by Water Tight Canberra.

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