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Humming Hot Water Meters

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This is a blog post specifically to help residents of units in the ACT identify and report a faulty hot water meter to eliminate the annoying buzzing/humming noise the water meters can make when they become faulty.

Example of a humming meter

Why do I have a hot water meter?

Many unit complexes have a common hot water system that heat’s the water in a central plant room and then circulates it around the building for all of the residents to use. In order to bill the residents for their energy (gas or electricity) consumption, each unit is fitted with a hot water meter to measure the amount of heated water they are consuming during a billing period.

Where is my hot water meter located?

In 99.9% of installations, Your hot water meter will be installed next to your main Hot and Cold water isolation valves to the unit.

All unit complexes have a slightly different design, however the most common locations you will find a hot water meter include

  • In a laundry cupboard
  • In a kitchen cupboard
  • Behind an access door/panel in your bathroom ceiling or wall
  • In a linen cupboard
  • Behind a door or access panel near your front door

Who owns the hot water meters?

The majority of hot water meters installed in ACT unit complexes are owned and maintained by Jemima as part of the gas network.

Whilst Jemina owns the meter, Zinfra is the company that repairs and maintains the meters in the ACT.

How do I know if it’s a faulty water meter causing my noise?

Water noises can be difficult to accurately diagnose and often will need a process of elimination to resolve the problem completely. That said, if all of the below basic tests prove true, there is an extremely high chance that the water meter is at fault.

  • Test 1 – Confirm you actually have a hot water meter and that the complex you live in uses a common hot water system.
  • Test 2 – Confirm the noise occurs when running hot or warm water from multiple or all hot taps throughout your apartment (not at the same time). If the noise only occurs from a single fixture, the noise is probably not the hot water meter. 
  • Test 3 – Confirm the noise does not occur when you run just cold water. If the noise runs when just cold water is being used, the noise is not likely to be from the hot water meter.  

If all of these tests did pass, it is likely that your annoying humm is due to a failed water meter.

How can I get my hot water meter repaired?

You need to report the faulty meter to Zinfra or your energy provider (The company that sends you an energy invoice). 

If you gather some data before contacting them it will make the whole process a lot smoother. 

I recommend sending them an email with a photo of the water meter that clearly shows the serial number and the water meter reading. 

Ideally, you would also send them a 5-second video showing the meter whilst the noise is occurring.

Here is an email template you might like to use. Alternatively, you can call Zinfra on 02 6192 6200

Email Template

To: [email protected]

Dear Zinfra,

I am experiencing an unpleasant water hammer/vibration noise in my apartment and after conducting several tests believe my hot water meter is the cause.

Could you please arrange for a technician to attend and test the meter asap as the noise is affecting the residents in surrounding units as well as our own?

Site Details


Water Meter Number: #######

Water Meter Address: ####

Residents contact details

Name: ####

Phone: ####

Email: #####

Best regards,


Not Convinced its a Hot Water Meter Issue?

There are many other parts of the plumbing system that can cause water hammer noises all of which the unit owner are responsible for including

  • Pressure reduction valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Tempering valves
  • Faulty fixtures / faucets 

If you believe the noise is not related to your hot water meter, you can book Water Tight Canberra to attend and investigate.


Another blog you might like to check out: https://watertightcanberra.com.au/water-hammer/

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