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Consider these 13 Common Canberra home plumbing maintenance and improvements to make the most of your upcoming plumbing appointment

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1. Dripping Taps and Leaking Toilets

Dripping taps and leaking toilets can waste 10000’s of litres of water every year that is not just bad for the environment, fresh water being one of our most precious resources on our planet, but also catastrophic to your wallet.  

When a toilet leaks, the water runs silently down the back of the toilet bowl and disappears into the sewer without you ever knowing about it. Icon Water state this can be up to 96000 litres per year.

We recommend holding some toilet paper against the back of your toilet bowl to see if it starts to get wet. If it does, the toilet needs to be serviced. 


2. Sick of waiting for the hot water to arrive in the kitchen or is your kitchen hot water just not hot enough to clean grease off the plates? 

When the hot water unit is installed a long way from the kitchen sink, not only does it waste water and electricity or gas, it is frustrating and the water arrives only lukewarm.

Ask our tradespeople about installing an under bench vented tap hot water unit so that the hot water arrives instantly and at whatever temperature you desire. 


3. Flexible hoses and connections

The most common cause of houses flooding is due to a flexible braided hose which has burst and let go. Flexible hoses are installed on most toilets, basins and sinks and it is recommended that they are inspected annually for damage, rust and loose strands and replaced every 5 years. When a flexible hose bursts you have full incoming mains water flooding into your home which causes major damage in a very short period of time. We regularly attend to properties which have had a hot water flexible hose burst when they have been on holidays or away for a period of time and their entire house has been flooded and damaged causing much distress. 

We recommend having our plumber inspect all your hoses whilst they are on site.

4. Leaking Showers

Our plumbers are experts at locating the cause of leaking showers. We can assess your leaking shower and repair any plumbing issues and/or recommend quality contractors to rewater proof, re-seal or replace your shower screen, pending on the exact fault you have. 

Ask out plumbers for a shower leak test. 

Check out our leaking shower blog post for more information:
Why use a licensed plumber for testing leaking showers

5. Water Hammer or Thudding Pipes Keeping you Awake?

Water hammer can be one of the most frustrating and annoying plumbing issues in your home. Solving water hammer if normally a quick and simple fix however other times it can be a process of elimination. 

Ask our plumbers to solve this for you. 
Water Hammer

6. When was the last time you serviced your hot water heater?

A hot water heater is the most used appliance in your home, however, often homeowner’s are not aware that they should be serviced regularly. On the side of all hot water tank’s it actually says this heater should be serviced every 5 years and also in your owner’s manuals that are normally never read.   

By servicing your hot water system regularly you will reduce your running costs, prolong the life of your hot water service, improve the safety of the system and have peace of mind that your most used household appliance is tuned and operating as it is supposed to. 

Ask your plumber for a hot water heater service whilst they are on site. 

7. Want a permanent repair for your blocked drains?

Are you sick of throwing hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the drain completing temporary sewer or stormwater repairs every year? Ask our plumbers about permanent blocked drain solutions including re-lining the inside of the pipe without the need for digging up. In many cases, we find the cause of the blockages to be due to failing Icon Water or ACT Government infrastructure. In these cases, after a riser is installed the future clearing costs will be covered by them.

Special offer, mention that you read this on our page prior to the work being completed and we will waive the $150 CCTV. 

Check out these two blog posts for more information.
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8. Get Smart Irrigation and Save Thousands

When was the last time you adjusted or even looked at your irrigation controller? 

In the last 5 years, smart internet connected irrigation technology has revolutionised irrigation systems saving homeowners a fortune and cities many giga-litres of water per year.

A modern wifi connected irrigation system is regularly checking the weather forecast and adjusting its schedule to suit. It makes decisions such as, we are expecting rain this afternoon so I will hold off on this morning’s watering program. If the forecast changes or the connected rain sensors do not detect the forecast rain, the schedule self adjusts and reprograms to ensure your garden is always looking its best whilst using the least amount of water possible. 

By implementing a smart irrigation system in a home recently in Kambah, we reduced the homeowners quarterly watering bill by more than $1000.

Ask our friendly plumbers how a smart irrigation system can automate your garden needs.

####Blog Post Coming Soon####

9. Harvest Rain Water and Save

Water is one of the most precious resources we have on the planet but best of all, with the right infrastructure in place, its completely free. We can install a rainwater tank to store your rainwater in so that you can use it when you are ready. Whether it is used to irrigate your gardens and lawns, flush your toilets or even to wash your clothes. 

Don’t have much space? Bladder tanks can be installed below houses, decks or in other tight compact spaces. They are a great out of site rainwater storage solution. 

Already have a tank but don’t think the water is being used? Since the ACT Government brought in a rule requiring all new home’s to have a rainwater tank we have seen, in true new builder fashion, very cheap and poorly installed rainwater installations, often meaning there is no pre-filtration, post filtration, pumps not installed correctly or suitable for their application, and automatic rainwater switches that are designed to switch between mains water and towns water set so that they only ever deliver mains water.

Existing systems should be inspected and serviced to ensure they are operating correctly and the water output is of a high quality that you can use. 

10. Ducted Heating and Cooling Servicing

What is more important than the air we breathe? 

Gas Ducted Heaters and Evaporative Air Conditioners should be serviced and cleaned at least every 2 years. A failing ducted gas heater causes lethal carbon monoxide to be forced into your home and a evaporation cooler, also known as a swamp box, can be a breeding ground for nasty germs. Both of these appliances make huge improvements to our comfort and lifestyles, however, need to be treated with respect and maintained properly to ensure they are running safely, as efficiently as possible, and prolonged life span. 

7 Gas Safety Tips for Canberra Residents

###Coming Soon – Blog Post of Evap Coolers and Ducted Heaters####

11. Stormwater Drainage Issues and Gutter Cleaning

One of the easiest home problems to forget is issues relating to blocked stormwater pipes. This is because there is normally a long time between heavy rainfalls and the problem easily falls into the out of sight, out of mind part of our subconscious. This is despite them often being one of the most damaging forces to your biggest asset, your home. 

Blocked, leaking and missing stormwater drainage systems can cause your home to become water damaged or even move causing cracking in external walls and footings to move and drop. Whereas a blockage in a sewer pipe is noticed and repaired straight away, as the sewer is used daily, a stormwater blockage is often forgotten about and the ignored problem becomes much worse and the pipes much more damaged.  

Blocked and leaking gutters can cause roof leaks or blockages in your stormwater system and should be cleared regularly.

Ask your friendly Canberra Plumber about your stormwater concerns when they are on site.

12. Appliance Upgrade

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to have something new and shiny. Whether you want a new plumbed in fridge with ice and water dispenser, a new cooktop, an Insinkerator, new gas heater, dishwasher, water filter, a hygienic rimless toilet, an environmentally friendly PV Solar Hot Water Heater, automatic washing bidet toilet seat or any other plumbing, gasfitting or drainage appliance, We can help. 

13. Fixture Relocation or New Installation

Do you find yourself constantly running a hose from one side of the house to the other? Often the installation of a new garden tap or relocating an existing one is far cheaper than you might of otherwise thought. 

Perhaps you would like a hot and cold mixing point outside so that you can wash your dog with warm water. 

Are you brewing beer in the basement and need a washdown point? 

Anything is possible and often far easier to complete than what you might have otherwise thought. Ask your friendly Canberra Plumber when they are on site and they will be able to help you. 

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