Drain Smoke Test

We attended to this customers home in Dunlop, Canberra to conduct a drain smoke test after they had put up with sewer smells in their bathroom and home for many years. Despite having called in other plumbing contractors, regularly cleaning their drains with bleach and regularly flushing their drains with water, the smells always came back.

Tom and Andrew conducted a smoke test on their bathroom sewer lines. This quickly identified smoke seeping out of the wall behind the vanity. Using a micro camera, we could then see in the wall cavity, the waste pipe at the bottom was not sealed and allowing sewer gasses to pass.

This advanced technology allowed us to remove a single wall tile on the wall and floor directly below the vanity. The pipe was repaired and the tiles where replaced with minimal fuss.

Our customers where estatic, as you might imagine, having lived with the sewer smells for many years.

See this video for a quick walk through of the job.

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