Not So Flushable Kitty Litter

This poor customer in O’Connor, Canberra has been flushing kitty litter down her toilet for over a year. The kitty litter is marked as “Flushable” however, I am hoping this blog post will convince you that you should not believe everything the marketing guru’s put in front of you.

toilet between the bathroom counter and a large pipe
 This kitty litter installed next to the upstairs ensuite toilet has had supposedly flushable kitty litter flushed down the line for years. Unfortunately, our client was not aware that the kitty litter was turning into paper mashay and blocking her drains and not realising that the kitty litter (and everything else) was overflowing in her unused toilet at the back of the garage.

What was booked in as a simple job ended up taking nearly the entire day with a commercial grade high pressure jet rodder and two very skilled tradesman that had to cut additional access points into the line and work our clearing equipment for many hours.

Please remember Icon Waters favourite saying. The only thing that should go down the drain is Pee, Poo and (Toilet) Paper.

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