Leaking Toilet cost over $1000 in excess water

This customer called us in to investigate why their property was using so much water that they had seen over $1000 increase in their quarterly Icon Water invoice.

They where amazed to discover that the cause of the high water bill was a leaking toilet, of which they had ignored for some time.

We serviced the toilet which cost less than half of the quarterly excess water charge.

The customer’s water bills have been restored back to a reasonable level and they are no longer wasting one of the most precious resources on our planet or literally pouring money down the drain.

The Math

This customer was using an additional 2.52KL per day

Excess water costs $4.94 per KL

Total Cost per billing period = $4.94 x 2.52kl x 90 days = $1120.39

Total Cost per Year = $4.94 x 2.52KL x 356 days = $4431

Note – Water consumed prior to the excess water charge is currently billed at $2.46 (about half)

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