How We Operate

It is our goal to ensure that every customer that works with Water Tight Canberra has a fantastic experience. The purpose of this page is to clearly inform our customers of our terms and conditions and the way we conduct business to ensure we are on the same page, reducing surprises and with the aim to increase customer satisfaction.

Click Here to view our full terms of trade which includes legal definitions and terminology.

Please note – All prices quoted on this page are GST INCLUSIVE


Our cancellation policy is as follows: 1 full business day notice – No fee More than 4 business hours notice – A cancellation fee of $50 will apply More than 1 business hours notice – A cancellation fee of $96 will apply Less than 1 business hours notice – The full-service call fee and minimum […]

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Warranty, Workmanship and Call Backs

There are three reasons an unexpected additional visit may be required: Call Back – when there is a fault with either the workmanship or material that we have supplied we will attend to site and repair the issue at no charge to the client. Note – A warranty call occuring due to customer supplied material/appliances […]

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Satisfied with the work completed

Prior to the tradesman leaving the site, it is the client’s responsibility to look over all work that has been conducted to ensure that it has been fulfilled to their satisfaction. This is in relation to anything that can be visually inspected. If a client is not able to be on site they are proceeding […]

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Apprentice Charges

Apprentices are a vital part of the plumbing industry and without them, your future plumbing bills would be astronomical as supply and demand will drive the price up. It is our goal that our customers do not pay any more for a job to be completed regardless of an apprentice being on site or not. […]

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Late Fees and unpaid invoices

If an invoice is not paid by its due date it will incur an administration fee equal to 15 minutes of labour ($35) for every 14 days that the invoice is overdue. Invoices that remain unpaid for over a month will be referred to a collection agency and all collection agency and legal costs associated […]

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Invoicing and Payment

Payment is due at the end of each visit on the day the work is completed.  We accept:   Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards (2% fee)  Electronic Funds Transfer (Customer can transfer money from their smartphone app so long as they allow the tradesman to take a photo of the confirmation page to be […]

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Quoted Jobs

Where we have identified a complicated or expensive job or where the client has requested additional work we will provide a quote for said work. If we have provided you with a written quote and you have accepted, the work will be conducted as per the quote description. Unless otherwise discussed, quotes require a 25% […]

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Additional Warranty on Items we Supply

Where we have supplied a material item and it is from our standard range (ie not a specially requested item the customer has specified) we provide the labour portion of a warranty repair to our customers at no additional charge whilst the unit is under warranty. What this means to you – Let’s say we […]

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Supplier travel time

At Water Tight Canberra we are extremely proud of our carefully stocked vans that allow us to complete the vast majority of jobs without the need to visit a plumbing supplier. Our vans are restocked twice a month with a stock list we have spent considerable time developing to ensure that we have the most […]

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All material is sold with a fair and reasonable markup. It is our goal to use our buying power to purchase items at a discounted rate so that after our markup is applied the customer is paying the same as if they had of purchased it from the plumbing supplier directly. Note – pending on […]

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Equipment and Equipment Fees

Certain machinery and equipment will incur a fee. There are two reasons we charge equipment fees. The first is a machine or item has a great deal of wear and tear with every use resulting in a lot of ongoing maintenance, repairs and tool replacement. A great example of this is a drain cleaning machine […]

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Charge Out Rates

Doing Charge  Our standard way of conducting business is via a doing charge scenario where we attend to site and diagnose the problem and assuming the issue is fairly minor we would proceed with repairing the issue. If the issue is complicated or the cost is likely to be more significant we would discuss the […]

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Google Reviews

  • Gillian Sloan

    From my first conversation with Tom, I was treated in a very professional manner. The quote I was given was fair. Nathan and Aaron were two polite young men who dealt with my plumbing problem promptly and expertly, leaving my house so clean. Excellent workmanship and customer care. I highly recommend Water Tight Canberra. Thank you!!

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  • Allan Baxter

    I arrived at my townhouse on a Friday afternoon at about 1:30 after a week away to find that the hot water service had sprung a leak during my absence. I called Water Tight and a representative (Tom) was here within an hour. After an inspection and quotation Tom undertook to replace the HWS that day and did so with two other members of staff. I was very favourably impressed with the prompt and efficient service. I would recommend Water Tight to anyone with an urgent plumbing problem.

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  • vylan07

    Water Tight provided an excellent job on 25/02/2019. They located the burst water pipe and repaired it immediately. We are so happy with the great service and the professional crew. I strongly recommend this company for any plumbing need that you have.

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  • ian wang

    I'm after a good plumber, saw lots of positive comments here and the expertise on the business website, I decided to contact them as I have regular plumbing need. First the people are not at this address, even the lady answered my call, is not here. She is somewhere in the cyber-space. This was the first thing disappointing as I was at this location at the time and keen to talk to the person doing the job. She can not answer any my inquiries, so left my number for calling back. Two days past till today I have not received the call. This makes me to think when I have drain blockage or how water blast, I really need it fixed same day .....

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  • Biljana Radlovic

    My hot water system was leaking from the pressure relief valve. Initially, it was just leaking a little water occasionally, but by Saturday evening, it just kept running. On Sunday 7:30 am I rang a couple of 24-hour services, but just heard “please leave a message”. Then I rang Water Tight and spoke to Tom Martin. He said he would come immediately, and he did. He provided his advice and very professionally got the job done. It was an excellent customer service and I would recommend Water Tight to anyone.

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